Local Offer - Personalisation, choice & control

Personalisation is a way of thinking about education, health and care services that puts people at the centre of understanding their needs, choosing their support and having control over their lives. It also means people have the support they need to develop, and live independently and actively in their communities.

Personalisation means recognising people as individuals who have strengths and preferences and putting them at the centre of their own care and support. Personalised approaches such as self-directed support and personal budgets involve enabling people to identify their own needs and make choices about how and when they are supported to live their lives. People need access to independent information, advice and support so they can make informed decisions. 

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Personalisation is also about making sure there is an integrated, community-based approach for everyone. It means ensuring that people can access universal services such as transport, leisure, education, housing and health, as well as employment opportunities.

Personalisation means:

  • tailoring support to people's individual needs whatever the care and support setting
  • adopting person-centred approaches where children with SEND and their families are put at the centre of processes, enabling them to express their views, wishes and feelings and be included in decision making.
  • personalising the support that families receive by working holistically in partnership with services across education, health and social care ensuring that people have access to independent information, advice and support , including peer support and mentoring, to make informed decisions about their care and support, or personal budget management
  • finding new collaborative ways of working (sometimes known as “co-production‟) that support people to actively engage in the design, delivery and evaluation of services
  • developing local partnerships to co-produce a range of services for people to choose from and opportunities for social inclusion and community development
  • developing the right leadership and management, supportive learning environments and organisational systems to enable staff to work in emotionally intelligent, creative, person-centred ways
  • embedding early intervention, reablement and prevention so that people are supported early on and in a way that’s right for them
  • recognising and supporting carers in their role, while enabling them to maintain a life beyond their caring responsibilities
  • ensuring all citizens have access 

Find out more about personalisation here https://www.thinklocalactpersonal.org.uk/

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