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Useful Contact Numbers


Aiming High Team  0151 288 6811, email aiminghigh@sefton.gov.uk

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/seftonaiminghigh/


ASD and ADHD Specialist Team

Name: Helen McCarthy contact 01704 395720

Medication Prescriptions contact 0151 252 5337


(CAMHS) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services


If you, or someone you care for, in Liverpool or Sefton, is under 18 and having mental health crisis, please call our CAMHS Crisis Care line:  08081 963 550 – this service is available 24 hours a day.

 If you have any queries, contact CAMHS@alderhey.nhs.uk – this account is checked Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and we aim to respond to all queries within 2 working days.

Telephone 0151 282 4527

E-mail camhs.referrals@alderhey.nhs.uk



If do not currently have a CAMHS worker,  or it is outside of office hours, or if you need urgent medical attention you should attend A&E.  When you get to A&E you will be seen by a mental health professional as soon as possible.

·         Attend A&E at Alder Hey if you are under 16

·         Attend your most local A&E if you are over 16


Kooth.com Kooth, Free, safe and anonymous online support for Young People


Want someone to understand or advice for a friend?

Kooth is here for you, www.kooth.com for further information.

Online and open until 10pm.






Talk to us any time you like, in your own way, and off the record – about whatever’s getting to you. You don’t have to be suicidal.




Childline is yours – a free, private and confidential service where you can be you. Whatever your worry, whenever you need help, however you want to get in touch. We're here for you online, on the phone, anytime.




Do you think a crime has been committed? Your local police force will be able to help you.




Mental health services are free on the NHS. Click here to find out more about the services available to you.


Report Abuse


CEOP help children stay safe online. Has someone acted inappropriately towards you online, or to a child or young person you know? It may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up. You can report it here.




Childnet have updated their parent and carer toolkit that will help parents/carers have conversations about online safety. Their booklet 'Let's talk about life online' includes ten key messages that should be shared with children:

1."You can always come to me if you need help."

2."What would you do if this happened…?"

3."Remember that not everyone is who they say they are online."

4."Keep your personal information safe, and other people’s too."

5."Be respectful to others online."

6. "Think before you post."

7."Remember to ask if it’s okay."

8."Remember not everything is true online."

9."The things other people post online might not always show what their life is really like." 

10."Recognise how going online makes you feel and take a break when you need to."

The Parent and Carer Toolkit

Covering Your Tracks

If you’re worried someone will find out you’ve used a website, our advice can help you keep your visits private.


Top 3 tips for staying safe online

  1. Switch to private browsing or incognito mode in your browser
  2. Delete your cookies and internet history
  3. If you're worried that you might be tracked, ask someone you trust to use their device or use a public computer in a Library or in School.


Community Paediatrics

Referrals via Referral Proforma for Community Paediatricians are accepted from a variety of professionals;

  • GP’s
  • Health Visitors
  • School Nurse
  • School SENCO


Continence Nurses

Tracey Pattison, Specialist Nurse in Continence and Enuresis.

Formby Clinic, Philips lane, Formby L37 4AY.

Tel: 01704 395713


Complex Needs Team

 0151 934 2347 or email SENIS@sefton.gov.uk


Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Contact the SEN Casework Team on 0151 934 2347 or email special.needs@sefton.gov.uk


Children's Occupational Therapy Team     

North Team - 52 Hoghton Street, Southport, PR9 0PN. Telephone  01704 395895  Fax 01704 395880


South Team - Sefton Carers Centre, 27-37 South Road, Waterloo, L22 5PE Telephone 0151 252 5836



Speech and Language Team

Netherton Health Centre (South Sefton area)

Magdalen Square, Netherton, L30 5SP

0151 247 6109

Hoghton Street Clinic (North Sefton area)

52 Hoghton Street, Southport, PR9 0PN

01704 395884


Sefton SENDIASS Information, Advice and Support Service - Barnardo's contact us via 0151 934 3334 or Email sefton.sendiass@barnardos.org.uk


Sefton Parent Carer Forum 07541 326860 email Info@seftonpcf.org

Website https://www.seftonpcf.org


Sefton SEND Transport 0151 934 3399 or email Travel.Support@sefton.gov.uk


Sefton Travel Training Team 0151 934 2831 or email Travel.Support@sefton.gov.uk


SEN and inclusion department

0151 934 2347 or by emailing SEN & Inclusion Service:SENIS@sefton.gov.uk

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