You are a carer if you provide regular and substantial unpaid help to someone who is frail or disabled, or mentally or physically ill, and who cannot manage without your support. You may not live in the same house, and you do not have to be related to the person you look after.

The Care Act (2014) replaces all previous Acts related to Carers. 

The Acts give carers the right to have their needs for support, information and advice assessed and responded to seperate to those needs of the person they care for. To qualify for support under the above legislation you need to be carrying out regular and substantial care for the person you are looking after.

As a carers you are entitled to a Carers Assessment looks at an individual’s circumstances and identifies what care needs you may have.

Social care staff will record your views and take them into account when they decide what services, if any, may be appropriate.

Anyone wanting help, advice or assistance completing the carers assessment form should contact Sefton Carers Centre or Sefton Pensioners Advocacy Centre.

Sefton Carers Centre have information on their website about the services provided through the Centre.

Click here to have a look at the video made by Carers for Carers which is also on the Carers Centre Website.

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