Information, Advice and Advocacy

Information and Advice services are there to tell you what is available and how you can use it.

Advocacy services help people – particularly those who are most vulnerable in society – to:

  • access information and services
  • be involved in decisions about their lives
  • explore choices and options
  • defend and promote their rights and responsibilities
  • speak out about issues that matter to them
What is an advocate?

An advocacy service is provided by an advocate who is independent of social services and the NHS, and who isn't part of your family or one of your friends.

An advocate's role includes arguing your case when you need them to, and making sure the correct procedures are followed by your health and social care services.

Being independent means they are there to represent your wishes without giving their personal opinion and without representing the views of the NHS or the local authority.

An advocate might help you access information you need or go with you to meetings or interviews in a supportive role. You may want your advocate to write letters on your behalf, or speak for you in situations where you don't feel able to speak for yourself.

Where can I find an advocate?

VoiceAbility assists people to be involved in important decisions made about your health, care and support needs. We provide the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Service and the Care and Support Advocacy Service for eligible people living in Sefton. Advocates represent and support you to understand your rights, weigh-up and retain information so you are able to make decisions, and communicate your views, wishes and feelings. Advocacy services are free, confidential and independent.

Sefton Advocacy Sefton Advocacy provides support to any vulnerable adult living in the Borough to enable them to speak their views on issues or services.

Carers Centre and the Living Well Centre can assist carers to speak up when they need help working with services.

Sefton Pensioners Advocacy Centre SPAC offers advocacy for older people 60+ in Sefton. Assistance is offered primarily around community care, health, housing, benefits and entitlements

Rethink Advocacy The service can provide Independent Mental Health Advocates to help patients to exercise their rights

Citizens Advice offers free, confidential and impartial advice, information and advocacy on a full range of social welfare issues including debt, benefits, employment and housing.

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