Personal Budgets

A Personal Budget is an allocation of funding identified by the Local Authority (and, if appropriate, the Clinical Commissioning Group) to provide support to meet all or some of the outcomes identified in an EHC Plan. A Personal Budget can be provided in circumstances where it is assessed that the child or young person is eligible for additional funding and it is agreed that the parent or young person is to be involved in securing that provision, taking into account the legal duties on the Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure that the funding is spent appropriately.

The scope of the Personal Budget will vary depending on the needs of the individual and local eligibility criteria, the EHC Plan will clearly state which outcomes can be met by a Personal Budget.

The child’s parent or the young person has the option of requesting a Personal Budget when the local authority has completed an EHC assessment and has confirmed that it will prepare a draft EHC Plan.  They also have the option of requesting a Personal Budget during the period of any statutory review of an existing EHC Plan or any re-assessment of the educational, health care and social care needs of a child or young person for whom it maintains an EHC plan.

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