Boots-on-the-ground approach in Sefton to ensure people have access and information on COVID-19 drop-in vaccination sessions

In a bid to prevent the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, Sefton Council, and NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are targeting areas where people who have not yet had a COVID vaccination.


Initially efforts are being focused on the parts of Sefton’s Derby and Linacre wards where numbers of people vaccinated are lower.

Teams will be talking to people about vaccination and reminding them they can go to the Knowsley Road Pharmacy, at 125 Knowsley Rd, Bootle L20 4NJ, for a jab on Wednesdays 20th, and 27th and Thursdays 21st, and 28th October from 9.30am to 5.30pm. They will also be giving out flyers about the free, walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations that are available on those days.


Margaret Jones, Sefton Council’s Director of Public Health said: “The difference between some of the most and least vaccinated parts of Sefton is as much as 25% and with the Delta variant of the virus still prominent in the Borough, it is vital we try to narrow that gap and stop the spread of COVID-19.

“Encouraging more people to get vaccinated is the best way to do it.

“There is no doubt that vaccines are the best way to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19 and to help reduce the spread of infections.

“We know there are a number of reasons people may not have had a jab yet, including access to vaccination venues, time pressures or a lack of information.

“While some may be wanting to give the impression that COVID-19 is over, it is still very much with us and proof of that, sadly, is the four coronavirus-related deaths of the Borough’s residents during one recent week. That means today, four Sefton families are still desperately missing a mother or a father, a gran or grandad a brother or sister or even a child.

“Vaccination greatly reduces the risk of serious COVID-19 infection, and we are stressing it’s never too late to get vaccinated, although for some people and their families, sadly it is.”

Feet on the ground

Dr Pete Chamberlain, local GP and chair of NHS South Sefton CCG, said “Our information about these neighbouring south Sefton wards tells us that they have younger populations, who may be very busy juggling jobs and school. Data shows they are also less likely to engage with social media and online messages so may not have picked up on the wide variety of information we have made available.

“That’s why we are getting feet on the ground to ensure people living in these areas have the best opportunity to protect themselves and their families.

“It’s really easy to get your vaccine, you can find a walk-in vaccination site or book a vaccination appointment on the NHS website. Anyone in Sefton aged 18 and over, can get their first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccine by booking an appointment at a larger vaccination centre or pharmacy now.

Young people aged 16 and 17 can now get their first dose of the vaccine. They will either be contacted by the NHS or they can attend one of Sefton’s walk-in centres.

A programme of vaccinations for children in schools will get underway shortly.

Information and useful links including easy-read guides about vaccinations can be found at

People can find a walk-in vaccination site or book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, please visit the NHS website:

Map showing location of Knowsley Road Pharmacy



Knowsley Road Pharmacy is at 125 Knowsley Rd, Bootle L20 4NJ


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