'You Said We Did'

You Said We Did

The Local Offer is continually developing as services, policies and guidance changes.  Your feedback is essential to the development of the content in the Local Offer and how it looks. We aim to be approachable, transparent and constructive to make sure that all your views are acknowledged and considered.

We have set out below the feedback we have received so far, along with our actions to adapt or remedy any suggestions or comments you had.

We welcome any feedback you can give us. Please click here and use our online form

Sefton's Information, Advice and Support Service on 0151 934 3334 or by online form to SENDIASS.

SEND Local Offer feedback from Parents/Carers of children in Crosby High School following a demonstration of Sefton's SEND Local Offer website.

"Well done the local offer looks amazing"

"I would give you 10/10"

"Keep up the good work"

"The Local Offer is excellent, it’s a place where we can visit at home and look for advice"

Paula SENCO Crosby High school "That's all fab isn't it!  You are a star Andrew"

You Said

Feedback from Parent/Carers that they would like a list of Useful Phone Numbers on one Local Offer page.

We Did

Following feedback from Sefton Parent/Carer Forum a list of Useful Phone numbers was co produced. We also have added Quick links to Local Offer pages to help people navigate the Local Offer. Click here to visit the new page.

You Said 

The Local Offer Website is difficult to navigate.

We Did

We have started a refresh project of the Sefton Local Offer website. The refresh is currently being developed and the refresh will be co produced with Young People and Parents/Carers. 


Thank you to all the parents and carers who took the time to complete the SEND survey.

The full report is available to view on the Local Offer via this link bit.ly/SEND-survey-full-report-2019

Here is some of the feedback from parents and carers and what we have been doing to respond:

You Said

You wanted the quality of the Education, Health and Care Assessment and Plans (EHCPs) to improve.

We Did

We have delivered outcomes training to front line staff  EHCPs etc and have

introduced a monthly Quality Assurance process.

You Said

You wanted to be more involved in contributing to the outcomes with the EHCP.

We Did

We now invite parents/carers to be involved in joint outcomes meetings.

You Said

You wanted to be able to contact Case Work Officers directly.

We Did

Case Work Officers now share mobile numbers when they first contact you.

You Said

You wanted the 20 week timescale for EHCP to be improved.

We Did

We are now completing more EHCPs within the timescale - currently at 77%

of plans being completed within the 20 weeks.

You Said

You wanted a clearer Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) pathway.

We Did

Since April 2020 we have put in place a new pathway that is complaint with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

You Said

We like Aiming High but there are some areas that can be improved.

We Did

We are reviewing the Aiming High service so there is an age appropriate offer.


You Said

The young persons local offer consultation group said they wanted the  Planning your future local offer website landing page renamed to Preparing for adulthood.

We Did

The local offer landing page has been renamed to Preparing for adulthood, click here to view the page. https://www.seftondirectory.com/kb5/sefton/directory/localoffer.page?localofferchannel=8

You Said

Feedback from Young People was they would like a Preparing for Adulthood Guide

We Did

We co-produced a Preparing for Adulthood Guide with Young People, Parents/Carers and professionals. To view the guide click here https://www.seftondirectory.com/kb5/sefton/directory/advice.page?id=qBHbJ6Vn4Es

You Said

The Local Offer website was hard to navigate and looked outdated.

We Did

We co-produced a Local Offer website refresh with young people and parents/carers.

The new Local Offer homepage layout, icons, colours and photo's were fully co-produced.

Local Offer Refresh Website Feedback

We think the refreshed website is easier to use and looks a lot clearer than the old one.


Feedback has included:


  • Outstanding
  • Easier to navigate
  • Understandable
  • Helpful
  • Fresh
  • Pictures are better and nicer
  • New


Young Person’s Feedback

  • We really like it
  • We are really pleased with it
  • It’s great
  • We love the colours and icons and are pleased we were involved in making it.
  • I have seen the new local offer website it’s fab and I am proud of everyone worked so hard and I am proud of you Andy well done great job!
  • Thank you so much for letting me join your sessions with Local Offer meetings on Zoom. I have loved it, notes etc meetings. I have kept very busy in the lock-down and I am happy I got all these nice meetings and nice to meet you to.


  • We worked together as a team to co-produce the refreshed website, improving the design and how it works.


Parent/Carer Feedback

  • I do love the ‘Sefton’ topper to the local offer, local young people have had a lot of input into how this looks.
  • I've literally glanced at it, much better from when I last looked. Seems to be in order. I'll try have a proper look later on. Yes I like the topper.
  • Looking a lot better than it was.
  • All pages are great and the icons are great, cute and simple.
  • I love it, it bright and fresh and looks easy to manage, the previous one was very daunting and clinical, this is definitely user friendly. The colours are bright but not in your face and I love the beach background. And I think the icons are perfect with just the ages on it.
  •  We really liked it. Clear and easy to navigate from what we can see.



Professionals feedback

  • I have just had a browse of the Local Offer, it looks great, I love the birthday card in the Preparing for Adulthood section. 
  • I love the age ranges, I've had a look around this morning after your email came, and it’s really user friendly. Lots of hard work paid off, thanks Andrew.
  • I have had a rummage around the LO and it is brilliant, easy to navigate and the pictures are fab
  • The revamped local offer looks great.

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