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If you are on a low income or benefits and the funeral is yet to happen, you can reach us on 0208 983 5055 or email downtoearth@qsa.org.uk

Our experienced advisors have supported thousands of people across the UK to plan, reduce costs, identify ways to raise money, and get the right government support.

Funerals during the coronavirus pandemic

We have put together a practical guide for organising a funeral during the pandemic, including ideas to help mark the cremation or burial of a loved one when people are unable to attend.

Funeral information and guidance

Funeral costs worry many people, however there are various ways you can keep costs down and sources of funding you can explore to get the help you need, even if the funeral has already happened.

How to refer someone

If your client is on a low income and is finding it difficult to pay for a funeral that has not yet taken place, we may be able to help. Review our guidance and if they need further assistance, advise them to contact Down to Earth directly on 020 8983 5055 or complete a referral request on their behalf.

Please note we are only able to provide 1:1 support when a funeral has not yet taken place. If a funeral has already happened please use our guide

Who to contact

0208 983 5030 0208 983 5030

Last Updated

Last updated: 14/06/2021


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