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ASSIST Trauma Care

ASSIST Trauma Care employs experienced therapists trained to work with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the after-effects of trauma in line with current evidence-based practices.

ASSIST currently provides a therapeutic service for family members traumatised as the result of the homicide of a loved one.  This service is run in partnership with the National Homicide Service, currently managed by Victim Support.

The Homicide Therapeutic Service is available across England and Wales.  Both adults and children are eligible for this service, which is fully funded by the Ministry of Justice.  Therapy sessions often take place in the bereaved person’s own home, although if this is not a suitable option an office location can be made available.  It is also possible to visit bereaved children at school, which enables advice to be provided to school staff also

Our Therapists also travel nationwide.

Who to contact

Helpline: 01788 560 800
Office: 01788 551 919
Fax: 01788 553 726