Emmaus is a homelessness charity with a difference, providing more than just a bed for the night for people who have experienced homelessness and social exclusion.

We provide a home for as long as someone needs it, as well as meaningful work in our social enterprise. This works to help to restore feelings of self-esteem and give our companions, as residents are known, the opportunity to regain control of their lives.

How it works

There are currently 25 Emmaus communities spread across the UK, providing a home and meaningful work to around 623 formerly homeless people. There are also a further seven groups working to establish new communities. We are working towards a target of being able to offer 750 companion places by 2017.

Like any successful community, Emmaus is most successful when everyone makes a contribution, working together in the social enterprise to generate the funds that support themselves and others.

Companions are expected to work for 40 hours per week, or to the best of their ability, in the charity's social enterprise and are required to sign off all benefits, with the exception of housing benefit, which is claimed to help to support the community. The intention is for each community to eventually become self-sufficient, supporting itself with the revenue it generates through its businesses.

The community model has a huge impact on restoring self-esteem as companions take responsibility for keeping their community going, working to support themselves and others.  

Emmaus is not about giving hand-outs, it’s about providing an opportunity for each individual to work to overcome homelessness. This approach has been proven to produce long-term, sustainable results and, for many who have been stuck in a cycle of homelessness, offers the support they need to overcome this.

Who to contact

0151 928 1588 0151 928 1588
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Where to go

Emmaus Merseyside,
38 Sandy Road
L21 3TW
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Last updated: 06/11/2020


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