Emergency Duty Team

Sefton Emergency Duty Team (EDT) exists to provide an emergency service for adults and children believed to be at risk of significant harm and for whom delay until the next working day may be detrimental to their welfare and safety.

An 'emergency' is commonly defined within EDT circles as something that has developed suddenly and unexpectedly and cannot, safely, be left to the next working day.

The aims of the team are as follows:

(a) To respond appropriately to all statutory referrals that are an emergency and cannot safely be left until the next working day

(b) To provide a speedy assessment that conforms to statutory regulation and departmental policy and procedure in relation to referrals received outside of normal office hours, that indicate vulnerable adults or children may be at risk of significant harm (see constraints).

(c) To provide a prompt and effective intervention in relation to those referrals assessed as requiring a social work service, where it would be detrimental to the individuals concerned if left until the mainstream services were able to provide this service. This may include arrangements for direct service delivery such as home care, residential accommodation etc.

(d) To provide appropriate advice and information to referrers who do not require an emergency response, this may include diversion to the daytime teams, other agencies, or other departments, etc.

Report a child and young person at risk:


Worried about an adult:


Who to contact

0151 934 3555 0151 934 3555

Where to go

L21 0DA
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Last Updated

Last updated: 03/02/2022


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