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StedyChefs Learning Centre

Career for people with learning disability

During their courses, the students learn new skills to do with working in a kitchen; cooking and hospitality. We believe that this has the possibility to help them in their search of a career, with 94% of adults with physical and learning disabilities who are unemployed, we think that we can do something about that.

Course work

Our students do both practical and written work. This is important to us as the practical work gives them a hands-on approach to being in a kitchen, the paces and the procedures. Whereas the written work gives them the ability to quiz themselves and remember all of these things.

Day Out during our course

Hard work never goes unseen, as our students are constantly showing progression and success - we like to reward them every 6 weeks with a Day Out, usually this is Cookery Related. We have previously been to Domino's, The Hallmark Hotel - Warrington, The Scotch Beef Shop, The Cheese Factory. All of the trips which we plan, we try to engage the students to learn about the module which they are currently focusing on.

We offer a number of workshops and Bespoke Courses to fit all needs and availability.

You will have:

  • Lunch Provided
  • Transport Provided
  • Uniforms Provided
  • Direct Payments Welcome

The courses are not suitable for people with severe disabilities who would struggle holding knives/kitchen tools.

Who to contact

0151 936 1968
Social Media
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Where to go

Stedy Chefs Learning Centre
330 Rice Lane
L9 2BL

What groups of people is this for?:People with a learning disabilityWhat age groups is this for?:

  • Anyone 18 or over
  • 16-17

What areas of the city is this for?:People from anywhere in the cityHow can I access this service?:Send us an email or call us, or you can pop in and see us in action at the address above in Fazakerley.How much will it cost me?:Course costs at various prices, please ask one of the team for more information.When is this service open?:Our service is open from Monday - Sunday 9AM - 5PM.How to get there:We are a fifteen minute walk from Aintree train station, we also have a minibus facility available.Disabled access:There is access to parking at the rear of our building, gender-assigned toilets, and hand rails.What should I expect?:Our staff will show you round to view our site, production kitchen, all our facilities, also our communal kitchen/area.DBS checks:All staff in the school have had DBS checksProfessional accreditation or registration:Safer food, better business packs. Independent Cookery Schools Association


Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday 10AM - 3:30PM
Time of day