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Key stage 2 to key stage 3 Transitions Team - Sefton Council

The key stage 2 to key stage 3 Transition Team sits within Sefton’s Inclusion Service.  This is a newly formed team created to support the needs of children transitioning from Primary to mainstream Secondary School provision.  The aim of the team is to ensure good quality outcomes for our most vulnerable children and to ensure that more children are able to access the school of their choice.

How do you select the children who will receive enhanced transition?

Primary schools, along with their allocated Inclusion Consultant are asked to identify children who they think may struggle with the challenges of transitioning to the Secondary sector.  This may be due to social communication difficulties, significant learning needs or challenging behaviours that require a co-ordinated and targeted approach to ensure they have a smooth and successful transition

What if my child is currently not attending school?

If your child has persistent difficulties with attendance they will be highlighted for support via the school’s normal transition processes.  If your child has been home educated and you now wish to integrate them back into a mainstream school setting please contact a member of the team for support. 

Email addresses:

What does an enhanced transition look like?

All secondary schools will offer enhanced support for children they see as vulnerable or requiring a greater level of support.  The role of the Transition Team is to provide bespoke support to schools and parents based on the needs of the child.

What if my child is transitioning to a specialist provision?

Your child’s transition will be overseen by professionals based at the receiving school.

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Who to contact

0151 934 2347

Where to go

Sefton SEN and Inclusion Service
Ainsdale Hope Centre
Sandringham Road