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Connexions provide information, advice and guidance to young people between the ages of 13 -24 if the young person has additional needs and had or has a Health and Care Plan (EHCP) issued by Sefton local authority. 


Connexions offers individual support from either yr9 or 3 years from transition with specialist advisers linking into schools and SEN LA team. Provision dovetails existing school CEIAG arrangements and wider partner support for young person

  • Our advisors will gather information to give a holistic picture of the young person and their individual needs. Working in partnership with school IAG, SENCO and SEN case worker to support the EHCP actions.
  • Advisors will attend SEN reviews for priority clients where possible as an advisory role to ensure appropriate IAG career planning is implemented, this will inform the EHCP ‘preparation for adult life’. (Priority will be given to transition and ‘At Risk of NEET’).
  • Brokerage and linked advocacy to opportunities and appropriate referrals
  • Transition support involvement and collaboration with School CEIAG and SENIS team.


Our advisers are professionally qualified to deliver careers guidance.  

  • We can help young people choose the education and/or training which will lead into the job they are interested in.
  • We help young people to reach their full potential by taking part in education, employment or training, so they can make the most of their lives.
  • All young people have access to a professionally qualified adviser who will help and support them to make informed decisions and if necessary, support them to access other specialist services. 
  • Our advisers work in schools, colleges, community bases and we are located at;

Sefton Adult Learning Service

Cambridge Road


L21 1EZ

Tel: 0151 944 6100


We can support parents and carers too:

We recognise that nobody knows or understands the young person’s needs better than their parent or carer and the vital role which you play to support your child.

  • We can give you information and advice on the different choices available from year 9 onwards.
  • We can support you to identify the best options available to your child in relation to education, employment and training courses. 
  • We can spend time with you at events such as open days, parents / carers evenings or in the Connexions centres.
  • We can support with visits to different providers to help you understand the range of options available.

We are also a contractor for the National Careers Service which offers a face to face service for adults.  Please contact the telephone helpline: 0800 100 900 to find out more information or to arrange an appointment. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

You can access some of this information and advice on the Career Connect Live Parent's and Carers' website

Further information about our web-chat, email and freephone services can be found on our website
In addition all customers will be able to access the National Careers Service telephone helpline 0800 100 900 and website

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0151 944 6100 0151 944 6100
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