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Asylum Link Merseyside

Most of our services are accessed on a drop-in basis and at the very heart of what we do has its foundation in friendship and welcome. The centre is open from Monday to Thursday, providing tea, coffee and a place to meet.

Immigration Advice & General Casework. We provide Asylum advice at OISC level 1 as well as referral to other organisations and solicitors. Caseworkers are avaiable Mondays-Thursday.

At present we are not doing Travel Documents or Citizenship Applications - this will change in the future but we will charge for these services

General casework. We help with housing problems, missed NASS payments, accessing GPs and other situations which might arise. Caseworkers are avaialbe Mondays-Thursdays from 9.30 - 4pm only.

Clothing. We provide free clothing to Destitute people which they can request by seeing a caseworker. Otherwise clothes, bedding and shoes, etc are sold cheaply on a Wednesday afternoon. See leaflet on clothing. .

Furniture. We provide free, second-hand furniture, bedding, and other essential household goods to refugees. See leaflet on furniture (Asylum Link is no longer able to distribute electrical items due to storage and time constraints. We are therefore no longer able to accept TV's, toasters etc except by specific arrangement)

Furniture deliveries - now cost £10. We now have to make a charge for collecting and delivering furniture- this pays for the costs of the van used in collecting and delivering

English Classes. We provide English classes at ALM for aslylum seekers at all levels of language ability. This is done through our volunteers classes on a Monday to Thursday. We also refer people to other providers, such as Liverpool Community College.

Weekly English classes are also held at Merseyside Network for change (more information)

Destitution support. We have a limited budget for meeting emergency needs of asylum seekers and refugees Food parcels are available for destitute asylum seekers on Thursdays. . Read more about destitution support

Social Support. We have a series of Well Being programmes which include Healthy Eating and Cooking, Allotments and Gardening, Oral Hygiene sessions and Bike repair. See leaflet on wellbeing of asylum seekers

Social Events. We hold social events for occasions such as Refugee Week, Eid, Christmas and Newroz, trips and visits, table tennis and bar football in the centre. See also details of social events throughout the week.

Groundwork Award Allotments and Gardening (ALM won a Groundwork Merseyside Environmental Award in 2007) (more details) and watch the video

Bike repair and refurbishment and lottory (more details)

Speakers. We can provide speakers and materials on refugee issues including our destitution roadshow

Who to contact

0151 709 1713
Fax: 0151 709 1734
Social Media
Facebook Link

Where to go

St. Annes Centre,
7 Overbury Street
L7 3HJ

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm