Liverpool Baha'i Faith

The Liverpool Bahais are situated in Wavertree at Number 3 Langdale Road, which was kindly donated by Dr Ernest Miller of the Liverpool Bahais in the 1950’s. The Centre is the focus for a wide range of Bahai activities attracting attendance from the Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton and St Helens communities. The venue has many uses for example, Devotionals, welcoming people from the local community to participate in topical discussions and to encourage interfaith groups.

 In this ever-changing world the focus of Bahais is on humanity and its need, now more than ever, for a unified vision of the nature and purpose of our lives and of the future of our society. Such a vision unfolds within the writings of Bahá’u’lláh, the Prophet Founder of the Bahá’í Faith.  


As there are no formal clergy in the Baha’i Faith, devotionals are informal, relaxed opportunities for prayer, meditation, and personal connection to the Sacred Word. Baha’i devotionals are open to people of all walks of life,  and attendees are more  than welcome to bring their own prayers and inspirations with them, should they wish to. Devotional programmes often include music, readings and meditations from many of the world’s different spiritual traditions  and cultures. 

Study Circles

One of the tenets held in the Baha’i faith is the need for independent investigation of spiritual truth. A Study Circle is an opportunity for small groups of people  to come together and discover what the Baha’i Writings mean to them.  More than a traditional study programme, the Baha’i Study Circle offers each participant the chance  to learn more about themselves and their true nature, as they come together and discuss what the Baha’i Writings have to say about various life topics.  Everyone is welcome to join a study circle, and all opinions are appreciated, as participants learn together and from each other in a relaxed informal environment that encourages companionship and unity as well as creative expression through the arts. 

Children’s Classes:

The teachings of the Baha’i Faith explain that every child is full of potential, and each person has unique gifts, talents and qualities which can be nurtured and developed through education. The Liverpool Baha’is offer children’s classes for children aged 5-10 which seek to foster the spiritual potential of each child. Through simple  songs, stories and games, each class aims to help children understand the importance of universal values and positive qualities such as unity, generosity and kindness, and how each quality can make a big difference to their lives, and interactions with  friends and families.   The children’s classes are intended as a free inclusive service open to all children, regardless of spiritual belief.


Who to contact

07783546657 07783546657

Where to go

Liverpool Baha'i Centre
3 Langdale Road
L15 3LA
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Last Updated

Last updated: 20/09/2021


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