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Able Kidz

The Able Kidz Educational Trust has been the cornerstone of support for disabled children and young adults seeking to improve their education in order to attain a greater level of independence and self-reliance in the face of adversity.

We here at the charity have enhanced and advanced the social environments of so many children across the United Kingdom over several years, though as one of the most overlooked and poorly funded areas of social development, it is up to us to provide the essential funding to support the causes we care about.

Mission statement:

We work to make the journey of a disabled child’s education a fulfilling and positive experience. We do this by provision of specialist equipment, computers and software to the children or school and also by funding any extra tuition needs of a child.

Applications should be made in writing to our head office in London. We do not routinely ask parents to complete an application form – we think there is far too much form filling that parents already have to cope with. Instead we ask that you provide a simple letter of application coupled with a supporting letter from an educational or medical professional outlining what you are seeking funding for.

Who to contact

0845 123 3997
Social Media
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Where to go

Grants Officer
Able Kidz Educational Trust
43 Bedford Street
Covent Garden

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Age Ranges
0-18 yrs