The Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo Martial Art Classes

The Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo is committed to teach these lessons passed on by Hatsumi Soke and the Shihan (Master Instructors). Our aim is to encourage the highest standards of education and training in Bujinkan Martial Arts and Culture.

Training is conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which helps to promote a positive learning environment.

Classes are mixed ability for men and women unless otherwise stated.

Junior students are accepted over the age of 5 providing they can safely follow instructions and directions.

(Terms and condition apply, please ask for further details).

Anti-bullying sessions, private classes, small group sessions and corporate sessions and seminars are also available upon request

Please note!

Training is still availible at this Dojo, in line with Covid19 rules, however it must be booked in advance, and uninvited guests or spectators are not permitted

Please contact the Dojo instructors for more information about training.

For further information please contact us here


Who to contact


Where to go

Suzanne Clunan
Bujinkan Liverpool Dojo
87 Marsh Lane
L20 4JA
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Other Details


Referral Details

Children under the age of 18 need an Adult to complete our course forms


Clothing tracksuit bottoms or leggings and t shirt and socks

Other notes

We consider students from all walks of life feel free to message us for further information

Last Updated

Last updated: 11/02/2022


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