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Volunteers make a hugely valuable contribution to the management of Sefton’s beautiful coast and countryside. Regular volunteers get involved in every aspect of our work and that of our partners. such as practical tasks, helping collect litter, talking to visitors, leading guided walks, monitoring wildlife or just being our extra ‘eyes and ears’ while out walking the dog.

We are always looking to improve our volunteering opportunities, so whether you want to help in our Natural Alternatives workshop or count Natterjack toads, check the sheep, organize a beach clean with LoveMyBeach or even help in the office, we will try to find an opportunity that’s right for you.

We set up a schedule of dates for voluntary tasks every quarter and these dates are sent out across the network. We do some events at weekends and also during the week, so that everyone has a chance to take part if they wish. All tools and equipment are provided, but you will need to wear suitable clothing and bring refreshments. You can check the ‘Events list’ to see more information about volunteer events, you can contact the coast & countryside team direct or you can complete the online form to register as a Coast & Countryside Volunteer

Natural Alternatives

This is a biodiversity and access programme providing work and training opportunities for local people to manage the coast and countryside areas of Sefton.

We provide a safe, secure and challenging work environment for participants providing training, education and work experience for

  • local disengaged young people
  • vulnerable adults
  • adults and young people with learning disabilities
  • volunteers 

It is an environment where they can add to their knowledge, improve their work skills, confidence, self-esteem and become an integral member of the team.

Based at the Ainsdale Discovery Centre Complex you can either work in our specialist woodworking unit or on various other projects including nature trails, access, woodland and nature reserve management and rights of way maintenance.

Our woodwork unit manufactures countryside timber products for use on coast and countryside in Sefton.

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Sefton Coast & Countryside Service
Ainsdale Discovery Centre
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