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We help disabled people cross the digital divide and gain a higher level of independence. People who have benefitted from our tuition have gone on to start businesses, write stories, create music, join groups, campaign for causes, try online dating and make friends around the world.

Our tutors tell of blind people who for the first time in their lives have the ability to read their own personal letters using a scanner and a screen reader. They also tell of isolated people reaching out not just locally but anywhere in the world to talk to friends, and make new ones, using free programmes such as Skype. To see how the work of UCanDoIT really impacts on people and their lives go to our Learners Profiles page and see what they have to say.

UCanDoIT with the support of Click Pharmacy is proud of the difference the charity makes to its’ learners.

Who to contact

0208 673 3300

Where to go

U Can Do It,
1-2 Taylors Yard,
67 Alderbrook Road
SW12 8AD