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Local Offer - Planning your future

The transition from childhood to adulthood is often a difficult time of change for many young people and especially those with a disability. There are manydecisions for a young person and their families to take regarding the future. This can be a complex stage as support from agencies such as health, education and social care can change from the age of 18.

Disabled young people tell us that they want the same things in life as their non-disabled peers:

  • opportunities to succeed in education and work
  • to live independently and healthily
  • to be active members of their communities
  • have positive friends and relationships                                          

The choices for young people with special educational needs and disabilities leaving school have a significant impact on their experience of moving into adulthood. The aim of this section is to ensure that the family begin to prepare for the young person’s transition into adulthood and that they have clear expectations about what options and services are available and are able to make informed choices about the future.

Post 16 Education, Training & Employment

What does the Sefton's Transitions Service do?

Sefton's Transitions Service works with young disabled people aged 14-25. Sefton has two Transitions Co-ordinators who work on a multi-agency basis with the aim of providing information, advice and support to young people and their families throughout the transitions process.

What does a Transitions Co-ordinator do?

Transitions Co-ordinators track and plan with you into adulthood, involving attendance at education reviews, college reviews and ensuring appropriate plans are in place for when a young person completes college.

The Co-ordinators work closely with the Career Connect Service throughout.
The Transitions Co-ordinators also ensure that all relevant health and social care needs are met, linking in with both children and adult social care teams, specialist health services including CAMHS and Adult Learning Disability service. They promote and co-ordinate the completion of Person Centred Plans.

Transitions Co-ordinators plan and arrange events such as meetings in schools for parents, 'Moving On' events showcasing further education and day opportunities, and hope to start a transitions forum for young people in the near future.

When does the transitions process start?

Transitions planning begins at year 9 when the Transitions Co-ordinators start attending the young person's annual education reviews. Future plans are made looking at opportunities including further education, living arrangements, leisure services, healthcare needs, day services and employment. The Co-ordinators are available throughout the transitions process to support, guide, and assist families to ensure a seamless transition to adulthood.

Who to Contact

Contact Position

Sonya Wall/Kevin Leavitt Transitions Co-ordinators


07837 204073

Sefton Council Adult Social Care

0151 934 3737

Living Independantly