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The transition from childhood to adulthood is often a difficult time of change for many young people and especially those with a disability. There are many decisions for a young person and their families to take regarding the future. This can be a complex stage as support from agencies such as health, education and social care can change from the age of 18.

Disabled young people tell us that they want the same things in life as their non-disabled peers:

  • opportunities to succeed in education and work
  • to live independently and healthily
  • to be active members of their communities
  • have positive friends and relationships                                          

The choices for young people with special educational needs and disabilities leaving school have a significant impact on their experience of moving into adulthood. The aim of this section is to ensure that the family begin to prepare for the young person’s transition into adulthood and that they have clear expectations about what options and services are available and are able to make informed choices about the future.

When does the transitions process start?

Transitions planning begins at year 9 when the Transition Co-ordinators start attending the young person's annual education reviews. Future plans are made looking at opportunities including further education, living arrangements, leisure services, healthcare needs, day services and employment. The Co-ordinators are available throughout the transitions process to support, guide, and assist families to ensure a seamless transition to adulthood.

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Sefton's Transition Service

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Sefton Transition's Team from Childhood to Adulthood protocols

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Career Connect Services

Career Connect formerly known as Connexions delivers Careers Information Advice Guidance, known locally as NEET ( Not in Education, Employment or Training) Reduction and Prevention Service, we are Commissioned by Sefton Council. Our Service supports NEET or ‘at risk of becoming NEET’ young people aged 16 -18 year old. We provide impartial bespoke Careers Information, Advice and Guidance to support transition into education, employment and training.  We deliver through three locality teams: -  North, Central and South. Working in communities to support choice, aiming to giving the right support at the right time and access to young people and families who need it.  

We support particular vulnerable groups of young people across the borough: -

We work closely with Sefton Virtual School and The Leaving Care Service working to support young people who are looked after children living in Sefton Year 9 and above and also young people who have experienced care. We provide a named advisor who will support career planning and give individual advice to look at next steps and help young people reach their true potential in finding education, employment and training. This is underpinned by strong partnership working with local social work teams, Sefton@work, colleges, training providers and employers to ensure young people have the support needed to progress and achieve. 

SEND young people with an Education, Health, Care plans and or High Needs Funded (From Year 9 to Year 14) - we have a team of SEND advisers that work closely with schools/colleges and the L.A. statutory assessment team to support work the council undertake in relation to young people with an EHC plans or HNF and their transitions.  (From Year 14 to age 25).

Youth Justice – We work collaboratively with Sefton YOT team to support young people to help overcome barriers some young people may face to accessing our services. This allows swift identification of those barriers and is evidenced through a strong partnership approach between statutory services and Career Connect. 

Support and follow up all Year 11 school students and through early identification by schools and other professionals  assess through RONI (Risk Of NEET Indicators) we engage and address any barriers to positive progressions post 16. 

We also have designated staff to support Elective Home Education Early intervention through Year 9,10, 11 which ensures a positive transition at year 11, Young Carers  Support and Teenage Parents Support. 

Menu of support Career Connect can provide;

  • Careers Advice and Guidance to support career planning
  • Person Centred Support in looking at short and long term goals for career journey
  • Motivational Interviews
  • Job Search
  • Employability Skills
  • Applications for college, post 16 training, education and employment.
  • Interview preparation
  • Named case worker to provide frequent contact
  • Transition support for post 16
  • We work in partnership with all professionals to provide co-ordinated support


If you have a Sefton resident 16-18, concerned about school, college, apprenticeships or work during this current situation you can call  0151 944 6100  or email   sarah.vaughan@careerconnect.org.uk

Post 16 Education, Training & Employment Information

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Preparing for Adulthood Guide

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