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Travel and transport is important to all of us whether it’s to go to school, college or work, to attend appointments or to socialise with friends and family. Disabled children and young people and their families often share their experiences around the barriers they face with getting around and tell us that if they are unable to get around it affects other things in their life such as, accessing a wide range of services and social opportunities which their non-disabled - friends and peers and their families may take for granted.

Transport can be more costly for disabled people and their families.  If you or your family are affected by disability you often have to plan your means of travel in advance to ensure that it meets your needs and you can get where you need to on time and safely. This can sometimes mean that planning last minute trips out with friends and family can be hard.

Sefton Travel Team - Home to School Transport Important Information

For the past few months Sefton Travel Support Team has continued to transport vulnerable children and young people to school. We’ve worked closely with our providers and adopted a range of protective measures, including social distancing wherever possible. More recently we have been planning for all pupils to return to school in September and this is likely to be more of a challenge for the team and contractors. We aim to ensure continuity of travel arrangements wherever possible but cannot guarantee that your child will be transported in the same way they have been previously. We will be contacting all parents and carers over the next few weeks with details of your child or young person’s travel arrangements in the new academic year and also provide guidance on how the team, contractors, staff and parents and carers can work together to keep our children and young people and staff safe.


If your child or young person has a Special Educational Need and/or Disability and you are entitled to home to school transport, you might have concerns about their transport, especially if they travel with others in a taxi, small vehicle or minibus, where it may be hard to maintain social distancing at all times, or be transported out of their ‘school social bubble’. As an alternative you can receive a Personal Travel Budget (PTB) to transport your or young person to their educational setting. Opting for a Personal Travel Budget in Sefton gives parents and carers even greater choice and freedom when arranging home to school transport for their children, whether that be by car, taxi, bus or by train. The money you receive will be paid to you using a pre-paid card, which can be used and managed in the same way as a debit card. 

If you are interested in taking a Personal Travel Budget please contact:



0151 934 3399





Update 05/11/2020


During this challenging time the Travel Support Team has been working with regional transport providers to deliver home to school travel support for all eligible pupils.  The implementation of COVID 19 protective measures, significant increase in the number of students eligible for travel support and recent rise of actual or suspected COVID 19 across the North West has impacted on the resources we have available. Consequently, new applicants for travel support may have a longer waiting period than usual before suitable provision can be commissioned, and existing travel support may be suspended when transport staff are self-isolating or ill.


We would to apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your support and patience. We will address any issues quickly as possible and work hard to resume service as usual.

We are always looking at improving Sefton’s SEND Local Offer, please click here to give us feedback.

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