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Are you eligible for free Childcare for your two-year old?

If you are in receipt of less than £16,190 per annum, your two year old may be eligible for up to 570 hours per year free childcare and early learning at a day nursery, pre-school playgroup or with a childminder.

You can quickly check here whether your child is eligible – it only takes a few minutes and you will get an answer straight away! If you are successful you will be issued with a voucher to download, which you can take to any participating childcare provider within Sefton. If you are unable to print off the voucher you will be able to request that we post one to your home address.

Additionally, two year olds in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or are ‘Looked After’ by the Local Authority may also be eligible. If this applies to your family, please contact us and we will support your application. You can also contact us if you have any concern about your two year old’s development.

If you need any advice or help please contact 0151 933 6021 or send an e-mail to

Check if you're eligible