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Portage is a service for young children with SEN or disabilities aged 0-3 years. Portage Advisors model effective interventions to those who know the child best, working directly with young children usually in the child’s home and, where appropriate, their early years setting.

Portage offers:

  • An initial developmental assessment to decide whether Portage is the most appropriate service for a child.
  • Ongoing assessment and regular reviews of a child’s progress.
  • Structured play activities with a chart for families to record their child’s achievements.
  • Advice on further play activities for families to try at home.
  • Signposting and information about other services that may be able to offer help or advice to a family.
  • Liaison with other professionals in order to ensure a joined up approach to meeting a child’s needs.
  • Support in looking at nursery settings and the ‘next steps’ after Portage.

If there are concerns about a child’s development, a request for Portage involvement can be made by either the child’s family or by a professional involved with the child’s family.

For more information you can contact Sefton SEN and Inclusion Service on 0151 934 2347 or by emailing SEN & Inclusion Service:

You can find the Sefton SEN and Inclusion Service at:

Sefton SEN and Inclusion Service
Ainsdale Hope Centre,
Sandringham Road,