Personal Budget - Education Element

Element 1 -Schools and colleges receive base funding for all children and young people to provide a school place as part of universal services and this funding cannot be used as a personal budget

Element 2 -Schools and colleges also receive up to £6000 of additional funding to support children and young people with SEN, this funding is only available as part of a personal budget when the school or college agrees to this.

Element 3 -If further funding is required by the school, additional resources (high needs funding) can then be requested by the school from the local authority's high needs budget. Requests are made to the SEN and Inclusion panel. A costed action plan will be used for determining any additional High Needs education funding.

All three elements of the funding are used to support the provision made by the early years setting, school or college to ensure that the pupil makes progress. Part of element 3 might be considered for a personal budget; when the early years setting, school or college agrees that the funding can be released. Where the pupil attends a specialist provision all three elements are used to fund the school place.

Direct payments will not be appropriate for all aspects of Education, Health or Care and some aspects will be exempt by necessity. Education funding for school placements or post 16 institutions are exempt. Any part of the element 2 or 3 that is not agreed by the headteacher, principal or person occupying an equivilent position will be exempt.

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