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Guidance to Accessing Services for Children with Disabilities

Sefton expects that all children and their families should have the same range of opportunities, regardless of ability.

We want children with disabilities to be included in all services, and for families to be able to access services without advice and agreement from a professional, which can take time.

Services that do not require professional involvement are known as ‘universal’ and ‘targeted’ support and should be the first option for all families of children with disabilities.

If a child has needs that means they cannot use these services, the Local Authority can help provide additional specialist support.

A guidance has been developed to help parents & carers to understand how to access services for children with disabilities and the criteria used for an assessment for services.

This guidance explains

  • different levels of support available
  • the first steps to take when you feel you need support
  • how to access services at all levels

Please click here to view the Final Draft for Consultation Guidance for Accessing Services for Disabled Children Document.

We are currently consulting on the Draft Guidance to check whether parents and carers and people who work with children with additional needs and disabilities think the guidance is:

  • jargon-free
  • clear about the eligibility for council services
  • clear about the availability of services and referral routes


The consultation can be found on the link below.

Draft Guidance Feedback Survey

The consultation is open from today and will close on Tuesday 18th August.