Personal Budgets - Social Care Element

Funding will be made available if available if a child or young person has been assessed and is eligible for additional specialist individual support in the home or in the wider community as part of the Care Act 2014 (over 18 years old) or under section 17 of the children's Act 1989 (children 0-18 years old). The assessment information will be used to determine the level of funding available.

For children’s social care – Children and young people who have additional needs that require social care services will be assessed according to Sefton’s existing threshold of needs by mean of a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) or social care single assessment.

For adult’s social care – before anyone receives community care services through Adult Social Care they will receive an assessment under the Care Act 2014 and receive services if they met the criteria within the Act. 

If you have a package of care and you are interested in a Person Budget, then please talk to your Social Worker about what they can be used for and if it is suitable for you. It should be raised with you during any assessment and plan for social care funding.


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