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'You Said We Did'

The Local Offer is continually developing as services, policies and guidance changes.  Your feedback is essential to the development of the content in the Local Offer and how it looks. We aim to be approachable, transparent and constructive to make sure that all your views are acknowledged and considered.

We have set out below the feedback we have received so far, along with our actions to adapt or remedy any suggestions or comments you had.

We welcome any feedback you can give us. Please use our online form 'Was this useful?' Sefton's Information, Advice and Support Service on 0151 934 3334 or by online form to SENDIASS.

June 2015
‘I would like to say that I found the site informative and easy to use. It can only get better. I used my mobile phone (iPhone) and it worked well and had a good layout. 1 small suggestion, maybe have a list of professionals and what they do and how to get in touch with them. I see that this has been done; for example, you have mentioned an educational psychologist and what they do. I'd love to see a list (occupational therapist, speech & language therapist, paediatrician etc.) maybe in the same format as the list of schools including all their information.’

Thank you for your feedback, we have since developed the search facility on the Local Offer and you can now find all services and contact information  including occupational therapist, speech therapist etc.  You can also look them up under the relevant categories of the Local Offer.
We agree that the idea of a list of professionals and what they do would be really useful and are going to create these lists in the form of a glossary on various sections of the Local Offer e.g. Health Professionals, Education Professionals, Social Care Professionals.

May 2015
there are so many words on there just in a long line down the page it doesn't give you any enthusiasm to read it all. It should be presented better, across the page, with pictures/photos as appropriate to break it up and help people find the info they want
in a more 'aesthetically pleasing' way.’

‘From past experience & good practice, I recall a website visitor should be able to find the info they need within 10 seconds or 3 clicks of going on a website. Yes, quality of information is important too - all of the information that is needed and legal requirements etc. should be there, but also it's no good being there if the person reading has too many words to wade through and it's not easy to find and/or understand it all.’

Many of the pages now include drop down boxes, graphics and photographs. We are keen to use video links and photos of Sefton children on the Local Offer however we are working on the best and safest way to do this.
The Local Authority has a statutory requirement to publish certain information on the Local Offer and this can be both large and complex. Some sections include large areas of text and as you say, it is not always easy to read or to find what you need quickly. There are now drop down boxes and we have created ‘buttons’ on pages that have relevant articles grouped together e.g. EHC Plans etc. We will continue to work with section contributors to organise our pages better to make information easier to find.

 May 2015
‘No mention of dyspraxia. No mention of personal budgets (a legal requirement)’

‘No listing of LA provision for particular SEN.’

Since this feedback, we have linked up the services in the directory to the search bar on the site (See above). You now have the option to search for dyspraxia under ‘All Categories’ or under a particular category e.g. ‘Being Active and Having Fun’ etc.
The search facility also produces a list of ‘Information and Guidance’ articles in addition to the services. You can now search for personal budgets and all relevant information and guidance articles will appear in the results.

May 2015
‘if you search ‘Sefton Parent Carer Forum’ it brings up details for SENDIASS. I also did a search for ‘autism’ and the majority of results were not relevant.’

We are sorry this happened as this was an error on the system. This has now been rectified and you can access all details to Sefton Parent Carer Forum by searching the Local Offer.
When a keyword is entered into the search bar e.g. autism, the results will appear in a ‘best match’ format. The system will show firstly, any services with autism in the title and secondly, any services that have autism mentioned within the description.

Mar/ May 2015
the mobile version is not compatible with my phone and links and downloads don’t work.’

‘On first glance the layout is very poor. It's all centred in the middle of the page and you have to constantly scroll down all the time.’

We contacted our software provider and arranged an upgrade. This was done within a week of receiving this feedback. We are currently awaiting a further upgrade to the mobile version which is a much more responsive design. The software will recognise individual mobile phone view and adjust accordingly. In short, it removes the need to scroll from left to right to view the information.

Feb 2015
‘when I search for Sefton’s Local Offer, I keep going to Sefton Council’s website’.

Sefton’s Local Offer appears second in the results when you use a search engine to find it. Sefton Council website appears first. This is something that we have no control over so to make the Local Offer easier to find we adjusted the council website page to make it a clearer signpost and included a more prominent link to the correct site.
There is also a comprehensive marketing plan in place and a large number of postcards and posters have been distributed to families, children’s centres and professionals across the borough so that everyone has the correct web site address.

 Feb 2015
‘I can’t find the details to report a child at risk.’

We agree that this information should be displayed in a more prominent way. We added an ‘Information and Guidance’ page for a child and adult at risk rather than just a link to the Sefton Council website. For easier access, we added a link onto the main site page under the ‘Quick Links and Feedback’ section and named it simply ‘Get help for someone being abused or neglected’. You can also use the search facility to find this information too.