NHS Continuing Care for Children (0-18yrs)

NHS Continuing Care is support provided for children and young people under 18 who need a tailored package of care because of their disability, an accident or illness.

Continuing care for a child or young person considers their physical, emotional and intellectual development as they move towards adulthood.

1.  How do I access and assessment of need for my child?
If you think your child should be assessed for NHS continuing care, talk to a health or social care professional who works with them. Professionals working with a child or young person should offer them an assessment if it seems they could have continuing care needs. You should get a decision about your child’s eligibility within 28 working days of them being referred.

2.  Where can I access continuing care?
Government guidance recommends that, wherever possible, continuing care for a child or young person should be provided in their own home. It can also take place in a residential school, residential placement or hospice.

3.  What does this mean for my child?
For more information about NHS Continuing Care, including the process of arranging NHS continuing care for children and young people, what to do if there’s a dispute and the transition process for young people approaching adulthood, please visit the NHS website:


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Last updated: 15/07/2022

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